» Why Choose Vocal Mastering?

Dave Sperandio at the console

Vocal Mastering is the only dedicated mastering studio in the world that is focused exclusively on vocal music, from contemporary to choral. Owner and senior mastering engineer Dave Sperandio (aka “diovoce“) has mastered thousands of “a cappella” and “nearly a cappella” tracks for clients around the world, and our studio is the “finishing station” for many contemporary vocal music producers, and hundreds of of vocal groups. We employ a combination of highly specialized vintage and modern ultra high-end hardware and a fully stocked suite of cutting-edge software to create a product that puts your music first, and helps it stand out in a crowded world of aural sameness.

We give your project the punchy, clear, rich sound that makes it stand out from the crowd, while remaining musically-pleasing and distortion-free – and we do so affordably.

There are quite a few talented recording and mixing engineers in the vocal music space (we work with most of them!), but there’s a reason the best of them almost never choose to master their own work: it’s often difficult to remain objective, there is a steep learning and investment curve, and perhaps most importantly, mastering a cappella music is especially tricky. The way sustained voices behave under limiting and compression is unique, and requires a highly experienced and delicate touch – as well as a very specific set of tools – to deliver maximum clarity and loudness while maintaining dynamics and musicality without causing added distortion, smearing, or artifacts.

Many artists are choosing to go the DIY route with several stages of their projects – with some incredible results. But it makes professional mastering even more important than ever. It’s difficult for the artist to wear all hats – performer, engineer, fund-raiser, etc. – and still be able to remain unbiased. And it goes without saying that most artists can’t spend the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to build their own proper mastering facility. More and more, artists are realizing the benefits of employing professional mastering as a tool to help mitigate some of the sonic “costs” incurred during production – often to make budget and deadline. Both DIY artist and full-time producer can form a true partnership with a professional mastering studio, and this hybrid model yields often phenomenal results – at a fraction of the costs of projects mastered just a few years ago.

With Vocal Mastering, artists and producers of all levels of experience finally have the ability to have the best of both worlds: extremely high-end and highly targeted mastering without the high-end price tag, from the studio that knows the vocal music world best, turning out hundreds of hits over the last decade.

Don’t settle for add-on or bargain mastering. Don’t pay more than you should. Contact Vocal Mastering today.