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Ben Folds and Dave Sperandio

“The Timbaland of A Cappella.”
Mickey Rapkin – GQ Magazine, “Pitch Perfect A Cappella”


“dio is a f*cking champ.”
Deke Sharon – The Sing Off, Pitch Perfect, TotalVocal, CASA, The House Jacks


“Dave is one of exactly two engineers in the world who I trust to master my mixes.”
Ed Boyer – Glee, The Sing Off, Pitch Perfect, Monday Night Football, Hyannis Sound


“There’s never been a better place to send your tracks for that final coat of polish!”
Tat Tong – Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music


“You rocked it! Awesome work, Dave.”
Peter Hollens – The Sing Off, YouTube


“Dave simply makes every recording we send him sound better.”
Chris Crawford – Loudr, re:discover, A Cappella Records


“You are a sonic jedi.”
Christopher Given Harrison – SONOS / ARORA


“Dio: the Master of Mastering”
Mark Mclemore – Street Corner Symphony


“Sounds fantastic! You are the mastering master!”
Ed Chung – Duwende

“If you want the best, go to Dio.”
J.D. Frizzell – A Cappella Education Association, President


“Really fantastic…the masters sound so 3D!”
James Gammon – James Gammon Productions


“Dave’s sound has become my go-to example of awesome mastering, a cappella or otherwise.”
Alex Green – Plaid Productions


“I sleep well at night knowing my projects have been mastered by Dave.”
Danny Ozment – Emerald City Productions, The Sing Off, American Choral Directors Association, Chorus America


“Dio is the ultimate professional. Fast responses, reasonable rates, outstanding final product.”
Nick Girard – The Sing Off, Overboard Productions, The House Jacks


“Over the years, dio has become my go-to mastering engineer for vocal records.”
j. cannon – The Panic Room


“Dave’s masters bring mixes to life in a whole new way.”
Dave Longo – Sled Dog Studios


“dio’s combination of expertise, equipment and knowing what people want to hear is the ideal scenario.”
Mark Hines – The Vocal Company, SoJam


“So here’s the thing. You really can’t go on vacation anymore…”
Chris Rishel – Voices in Your Head


“Dave’s work is consistently stellar.”
Julia Hoffman – CASA President


“dio has an uncanny knack for hip hop.”
Christopher Diaz – ”Mouth Off!”, The Exchange


“dio is an a cappella force of nature.”
Dave Bernstein – Acatribe, RARB reviewer


“Tight, clean, crisp sound.”
Elie Landau – Recorded A Cappella Review Board


“At one point I didn’t understand the process of mastering a CD, and honestly wasn’t sure it was necessary. Boy was I wrong. Great stuff, Dave Sperandio and Vocal Mastering!”

Brody McDonald – Kettering Fairmont Choirs, A Cappella Education Association

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