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(Click here to download these instructions as a PDF)

Step 1: Tell us about your project and ask any questions that you may have
Please share any information about your project you feel is important, and ask any questions you have about the process (be sure to review our FAQ first). If you have any early mixes ready, send them our way. If needed, we’ll offer feedback to help you make sure your mixes are ready for mastering, and discuss specific project needs or special requests.

Step 2: Schedule your mastering date
Let us know when you’d like your project mastered. To avoid delays or fees, be sure to pick a date that allows enough time for mixing to be fully completed and your mastering payment to be made.

With limited exceptions, business hours are M-F, 8AM-4:30PM EST. To avoid delays or fees, all files / project info should be sent prior to 8AM on the date of your scheduled mastering.

Step 3: Pay for your scheduled mastering
Payment is required in advance before mastering can begin. If you or your organization need an invoice, Tax ID, W-9 or other forms filled out, let us know ASAP so we can get the process started now to avoid any delays in your release. Otherwise, please make your payment now, based on the number of tracks your project includes:

  • One track = $75
  • Two or more tracks = $60/each (two tracks = $120, ten tracks = $600, etc.)
  • If you supply new mixes after the fact that need to be re-mastered, revisions are $35 each
  • Business hours are M-F, 8:00AM-4:30PM (est). Work done outside M-F may be billed at $75/song, $100/single.

Venmo, Credit Card, or Paypal: click below or send payments to info@vocalmastering.com

Check, School/Institutional Account, or Bank Transfer: contact us

pay with venmo


Step 4: Fill out your project information
Enter your project details, track sequence, desired file format, and any special instructions or questions. For example, if your mixes have any obvious sonic issues you haven’t been able to address during mixing, you require a gapless album or multiple versions of a mastered track, or if you would like to prioritize fidelity/dynamics over maximum loudness (or vice versa), let us know. If you want us to “just make it awesome”, we can do that too.

Note: Mastering cannot begin without your project information and payment.

Step 5: Prepare and upload your mixes
Print your mixes at the same sample rate and resolution you mixed at (eg 44Hz / 24bit). If you can avoid it, don’t leave any processing on the master fader or stereo bus when you render your mixes. And don’t worry about loudness; ideally your mixes should *occasionally* peak at -6dB. If you have previously rough-mastered or limited your mix for loudness or effect, please feel free to *also* supply a “hot” mix for us to use as a reference. When you are sure that each mix is “done done”, send your mixes to us using our WeTransfer account.

Leaving enough headroom in your mixes will allow us to get them as competitively loud or dynamic as you would like, cleanly and without compromising fidelity.

Step 6: Review your masters
Once mastering has been completed and your payment has been made, we’ll send you high resolution .wav files or a DDP (digital copy of your album) to audition using our free DDP Player. Enjoy! If there are any remaining issues or requests, let us know. When you’re happy, we’re happy.