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Mastering is billed on a per-song basis at $60/song (singles are $75/song), and all mastering work includes:

  • Mix Consultation prior to your mastering date
  • Mastering (download, session setup, auditioning, processing, sequencing)
  • Error Checking/Critical Listening of mastered material by a second engineer
  • Media Creation (DDP and WAV included)
  • Upload of mastered material to replicator, distributor, and/or client
  • Archival of all files and settings, available for future recall



Mastering-related revisions (if needed) are included.

If you need to supply a new mix to be re-mastered, there will be a charge of $35 per song.

Most projects do not require physical media (CD, DVD), but we can provide this for you for $25 plus shipping. Alternatively, we can show you how to create your own CD from the DDP/WAV files that we provide, at no cost.

If you miss your mastering date, or if the mastering engineer needs to wait for files on the day of mastering, you may be charged a premium. Please plan well.

If you must have your project “rushed” within 48 hours, you may be charged a premium. Please try to schedule your mastering date well in advance.

For more information, please consult the FAQ or Contact Us. Ready to get started? Click here to start the process.

Normally, payment is due prior to your mastering date. If you need to pay via a school/institutional account, require an invoice, tax ID, W-9, or other forms to be filled out, or if you prefer to pay by Check or Bank Transfer, contact us ASAP so we can get the process started now to prevent delays of your release.

Otherwise please choose from the following, with payment amounts based on number of tracks (1 track = $75, 2 tracks = $130, 10 tracks = $600, etc.):

pay with venmo


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