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Alex Green

Alex has strong opinions.

As a performer, reviewer, producer, director, student, and lover of a cappella music, Alex Green hears more vocal music than just about anyone. His various oddjobs and experiences in the audio world include various internships at companies in the music industry including Rounder Records (Burlington, MA) and Alta Vista Studios (Austin, TX), participation in the sporadically annual Soup 2 Nuts Seminar with Deke Sharon and Bill Hare, and acting as a reviewer for the Recorded A cappella Review Board (RARB).

Alex has had the pleasure of singing with and directing various and myriad groups, including the Tufts Amalgamates, Overboard, and the short lived and perpetually-under-the-radar Cursory. He is currently working with CASA on the BOSton Sings [BOSS] festival team and is a regular workshop leader and CASA masterclinician.

As a co-owner of Plaid Productions along with Alexander Koutzoukis, he has had the opportunity to work with groups from across the country and around the world, and made countless soups. Since early 2011, clients of Plaid Productions have had songs featured on SING, BOCA, Voices Only, and have garnered almost 20 CARA nominations and wins. Plaid Productions also originated the now-ubiquitous Collaborative Recording program which debuted unofficially at SMACC 2010 in Syracuse, NY. The program has now been adopted by almost all of CASA’s wide range of regional and national a cappella festivals, and has produced tracks featuring the voices of Pentatonix, Naturally 7, The Boxettes, Duwende, and others.

Known throughout the vocal music world for his exceptionally strong work ethic – and for his golden ears – Alex is pleased to be working with Vocal Mastering to provide Verification / QC’ing services, serving as yet another set of unbiased, experienced ears on each project.

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